Omega Benefit Strategies was built to help groups, not just individuals. In fact, our design is structured to accommodate groups of any size without sacrificing our valued client process.

Here are some examples of groups we work with:

Our Power Partners Process

Discover. We want to know everything that makes your organization unique. In the first stage of the partnership, we lay the foundation. Our dedicated team works with yours to understand the key mechanisms that make your group tick. Once we have a thorough understanding of how your group operates, we can better serve your members/clients.

Exemplify. You’ve worked hard to make your group what it is today, which is why we make it our priority to embody your mission in our process. We serve as an extension of you, using your mission as our guidelines. This is why it’s so important for us to discover the key drivers of your organization. By exemplifying your values, we are able to give your clients a continuous experience.

Reciprocate. A power partnership is mutually beneficially to all parties involved, including your clients or members. We work together with your organization to determine the fine details of the partnership, and we customize each partnership to the organization and their membership.

Fine-Tune. Every group is different, which is why we constantly work to fine-tune your groups’ experience at every turn. If there are ways we can improve the partnership, we will work diligently and cooperatively to find them. There is always a Senior Health Medicare representative to manage your experience and monitor the partnership all throughout the year.

If you’re looking to add value to your members or clients, give them a solution that helps them save money and lead a healthy life.

Add even more value to your memberships by offering an all-inclusive solution for Medicare insurance. Seniors all over the nation are struggling to understand Medicare, and they are often scammed or misinformed by the typical insurance agent. Provide them a solution that is truly a Medicare resource, not just a commission for an unworthy salesperson.

Benefits to Becoming a Power Partner

Be the hero. Protect your members from opportunistic salespeople by offering everything they seek all under your roof. We provide valuable Medicare guidance to your members and help them settle into the right coverage for them, but we don’t take any of the credit. Your institution is the hero for your members; we serve as an extension of you.

Increase retention. The more services that your members use from your establishment, the more likely they are to remain a loyal client. We help add value to your existing memberships and thereby increase retention.

Earn revenue. Naturally, Medicare sales will result from being a steadfast resource. When they do, we offer our partners a profit share that can be used as additional income and help with growth and expansion, or whatever way you see fit. The Power Partners model we've developed is a truly a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Add value. Becoming a resource for your clients means that you are always.

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