Helping you solve Medicare puzzles for members.

How does Omega help your CU?

Omega is a Medicare resource that scales to accommodate any size membership while maintaining exemplary service and premiere product offerings.

Omega exists to provide your aging members with an educational resource for Medicare. We offer a turnkey marketing package that seamlessly integrates with your marketing strategies to grow your membership, member retention, cross-selling opportunities, and more. We’re the Medicare experts in your back pocket. We’re here to help you provide the largest and wealthiest demographic of members a resource they are desperately seeking.

What’s in it for your CU?

Member retention. The more helpful resources you provide your members, the more of their trust you’ll earn. Trust breeds loyalty.

New members. Medicare is highly referable which means when we market to members, we will find new member prospects in the process.

More cross-selling opportunities. We keep track of top initiatives in your CU and work to send referrals back to the credit union as we uncover opportunities during Medicare conversations.

Ancillary revenue stream. Obviously, the biggest value to Medicare is member happiness and seeing you as a trustworthy resource. But also your credit union can generate funds to feed some of your other initiatives with every enrollment.

Be the hero. Helping seniors with the confusing Medicare terrain puts you in a position to be their hero. Your credit union is seen as the true all-encompassing resource, and the first place a member would go when facing a financial decision.

Let’s Get Together.

To learn more about how we partner with credit unions to bring an exemplary Medicare resource, click here to download a PDF of our brochure.

We’d love to talk to you about developing a custom Medicare marketing plan for your credit union. To learn more about how we add value for your members, contact our Partner Marketing Department.

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